AMD RDNA 3 announcement could happen alongside RTX 4000 Series launch


It sounds like AMD’s RDNA 3 graphics card lineup and release dates could be announced at almost the same time as Nvidia’s rumored RTX 4000 series in September. The information comes from the hardware Leaker Greymon55, who says that “the next generation of new products is essentially concentrated in September”. Should that be the case, this could certainly be an interesting end to Q3.

AMD’s new line of Radeon GPUs will be built using the RDNA 3 microarchitecture. In addition to the upcoming Zen 4 CPUs, AMD may have some really powerful hardware up its sleeve. We’re not sure what to expect from RDNA 3 just yet, aside from an early leak about high-end models and a more recent leak that touched on GPU design details for the mainstream Navi 33 chip. The more recent leak suggests that the performance of the RX 7700 XT could be comparable to that of the RX 6900 XT. Judging by that, AMD might finally be able to shake up its place in the GPU market.

AMD could show RDNA 3 GPUs in September

There are many assumptions we can make through September. There’s also Intel to consider as it plans to release its desktop Arc graphics cards sometime this summer. By the end of the year, we could be witnessing a very different graphics card market than what we currently have. September also makes a lot of sense for a release window, giving companies some time between the announcement and the holiday season to prepare for increased demand.

Greymon55 didn’t stop there either, as another of their comments sparks interest. In an answer to their tweet, the leaker says that the release order for the RTX 4000 series is “similar to that of Ampere”. Presumably this means that we will see the release of the RTX 4000 series in a similar way to that of the RTX 3000 series. This would put the RTX 4080 first, followed by a 4090 and as the months progressed, a 4070. We may even see the RTX 4080 release in September as well. But for now, that’s speculation at best.

AMD clearly has a lot going on at the moment. It doesn’t just compete with Nvidia to produce the best graphics cards; It also competed against Intel in the CPU space. It will be exciting to see how both the AMD RDNA 3 GPUs and the Zen 4 CPUs perform, especially when configured together.

This current GPU generation has been a bit doozy, but we might soon be comparing performance between RTX 4000 and RX 7000 series cards, and that’s an exciting thought. All eyes are now on September when we will hopefully see the unveiling and release of an AMD RDNA 3 GPU.

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