Aquanox Deep Descent Release Date (PS4, Xbox, Nintendo and PC)


Aquanox Deep Descent Release Date: Aquanox is one of the few games that is based on a submarine simulation. It is a first person shooter video game. The Aquanox is the name of the range that includes various games below it. The name of these games is Aquanox, Aquanox 2: Revelation and Aquanox.


The Angel’s Tears and the upcoming game Aquanox: Deep Descent. Before that, at Gamescom 2014, the demo of the upcoming game was created with the unreal Engine 3. This tech demo of a new iteration of the Aquanox range was presented by Nordic Games. Due to the good presentation of the demo, the game was successfully financed through Kickstarter.

Aquanox Deep Descent release date

The Aquanox: Deep Descent, as claimed by THQ Nordic, will bring various new updates from its last version. This version includes several improvements as noted below:

  • we can now play and finish the entire game in co-op mode.
  • The implementation of the new communication system will allow Aquanauts to be aware of the challenges they face.
  • In order to better distinguish from one another, the ship classes such as The Recon, The Combat and The Siege have been rebalanced.
  • The overall speed of various ships has been readjusted to offer the player a unique experience.
  • The aqua world has been expanded so that players can explore the water world.
  • The possibilities for destroying the enemy and the weapon system have been expanded.
  • The game’s video and audio effects have been improved.
  • Much work has been done on the user interface to ensure clarity, readability and ease of use.

Aquanox Deep Descent for Playstation 4

Sony’s Play Station 4 offers one of the best configurations for gaming. According to the developer and manufacturer of the game, the game should appear on various platforms including PS4 towards the end of 2019. Also, check out the Ori and the Will of the Wisps release date.

Aquanox deep descent release date
Aquanox deep descent release date

Aquanox Deep Descent for Xbox

Microsoft’s Xbox is also considered to be one of the platforms that have been eagerly awaiting this game. People eagerly ask about the game, to which the company replied that the game will hit the market in late 2019. The Trials Of Mana Remake release date will also be announced soon.

Aquanox Deep Descent for Nintendo

Nintendo’s SWITCH is a well-known console for action adventure and various other games such as Aquanox: Deep Descent. The fixed date of the game is also not specified for this platform, although it is said to be launched in the final months of 2019.

Aquanox deep descent images
Aquanox deep descent images

Aquanox Deep Descent for PC

Windows on the PC is very much preferred for every single game in the Aquanox series. It is known that the first game in the series was only released for Windows, but was later released on various other platforms. The much-anticipated game DEEP DESCENT from Aquanox should be available for PCs at the end of 2019.

Aquanox Deep Descent News

Various speculations have been made over the past few years as to when the game will hit the market. But recently, in 2019, THQ Nordic bought some sensational news that they were working on the game and in their opinion Aquanox Deep Descent release date will soon be on the market at the end of 2019. After hearing the latest news about the game, the game is eagerly awaited in the gaming community.

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