Elden Ring’s marketing helps to understand the lore


FromSoftware games have a knack for telling stories that seem vague on the surface but hide a mountain of depth. Cutscenes are rare, and much of the understanding comes from reading item descriptions, analyzing environmental clues, and observing lore experts like VaatiVidya. With elden ringFromSoftware has not only made one of the most celebrated open-world RPGs in a long time, but also the studio’s most accessible story yet.

Part of the reason for this accessibility comes from marketing for elden ring. The trailers leading up to the game’s release built intrigue, expanded events only briefly shown in the final game, and even revealed major spoilers that wouldn’t make sense without the right context. This is how marketing works elden ring helped players understand the lore.

Elden Ring spoilers to follow.

Marketing extends the lore of elden ring

When players first boot up elden ring, they are presented with a brief but effective introduction that sets up the world and some key characters. But unlike previous FromSoftware games that use CG cinematics, this intro is only narrated through still images. As a result, much is left to the imagination as to the details of how Malenia the Severed managed to defeat Starscourge Radahn or how Ranni the Witch was involved in the Night of the Black Knives. The game’s lengthy nature means it’s all too easy to forget the lore set up by the introduction. But if you rewatch the New Game+ introduction and the trailers that build on it, it all starts to click.

The story trailer for elden ring concretizes many of the events shown in the introduction. Malenia impales Radahn to infect him directly with Scarlet. She then whispers something to him before her attack from Scarlet Aeonia creates a giant flower that bursts, likely covering Caelid in rot.

Both the introduction and the trailers depict the death of Godwyn the Golden at the hands of the Black Knives. However, the trailers also show the assassins making their way through a dense forest to Godwyn. It’s not much, but it’s enough to make players wonder where they’re traveling from and what that means for characters like Ranni or Maliketh the Black Blade.

Trailers are almost always used to build hype and intrigue before a game comes out. However, it’s rare to see trailers that can provide additional value and context for players who have already played through the game. Aside from being useful retrospectively, these trailers also prepare players to keep certain scenes and questions in mind before starting the game.

elden ring‘s Marketing asked important questions and teased the answers

The build-up of tension was an important function for elden ring‘s marketing, but also drawing players’ attention to certain mysteries. elden ring‘s trailers presented questions players had in mind before beginning their journey into the Lands Between. In the story trailer, Ranni asks several crucial questions, such as: Who smashed that? elden ring, and why? These are important beats in the lore of elden ring. By introducing them to players before the game was released, the marketing hinted at what environmental cues and item descriptions players should look out for.

Elden Ring Marketing

Aside from teasing these mysteries, elden ringThe marketing of has also left clues to the answers right under our noses. Ranni asks what happened to that elden ring, but she doesn’t question anything about the rune of death being stolen. As elden ring Players know this is because she stole the rune herself. She didn’t have to tell us that before the end of the game. Of course, players learn these details by playing the game. But any would-be detectives who picked up these subtle clues could be able to make the lore connections much more quickly.

Another scene the trailer shows is Morgott, the Omen King laying a crown on the Elden throne. Taken out of context, this moment seems insignificant. However, players who remember this scene while playing elden ring would have realized that her victory over Margit, the Fell Omen, was only the beginning of his story and would return later in the game. Simply put, it was a spoiler. Yet without the context of playing the game first, players wouldn’t have known. And it’s far from the only time the trailers have done so.

Major spoilers were shown without context

If you’re anything like me, you checked this out again elden ring Followers several times to learn something new. This has proven to be worthwhile as the credits roll on the game. Some of the biggest mysteries in elden ringRevealed in the very first trailer, the lore of makes for a satisfying “aha” moment as the final boss fight begins.

The biggest spoiler revealed by the teaser trailer is Queen Marika the Eternal transitioning between male and female forms. Revealing that Marika and Radagon of the Golden Order are the same being is a revealing moment elden ring, and marketing did not hide it. In addition, lore experts suspect that Marika destroyed the elden ringwhile Radagon tried to fix it.

This can also be seen in full in the first teaser trailer. When players finally reached Radagon of the Golden Order at the end of the game, they would realize that the marketing pointed to that conclusion from the start.

Some spoken dialogue lines in the trailers also manage to hint at potential spoilers. One such line reads, “I doubt you can even imagine that which ruled the stars and gave life its full brilliance.” One possible interpretation of this is that it indicates the existence of the Outer Gods, including the greater will.

All of these potential spoilers would not have made sense to gamers without the context gained from playing the game. Against this background, it is clear that the elden ring The marketing is designed to help players understand the lore both before and after the game.

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