Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers — Cloud Deck/Diamond Weapon guide


Patch 5.5 from Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers gives us the finale of the Sorrow of Werlyt questline. The Diamond Weapon, the last and most powerful of the weapon machinery, is now ready for battle in the Cloud Deck.

This is a regular raid, so it’s an eight-player battle. But it’s a little different than usual, and not just because it doesn’t play Big Fat Tacos. The fight against the Diamond Weapon takes place in the sky and is divided into two platforms between which you have to jump to avoid certain attacks. Don’t worry, this guide will tell you everything you need to know to avoid falling into ruin. Much.

The short version

Uff, that’s hard to write in short form. Basically, Diamond Weapon a much the attacks are split between its two forms, and most of them require careful positioning. It also has a few attacks that you might recognize from the previous weapon raids.

In the first and third stages (in other words, when it’s floating between the two platforms) there are a few things to consider. First and most important, Each auto attack is actually a line attack that hits both tanksso the tanks should be spaced apart and away from the party. Second, take advantage of the fact that there are two platforms. Most of the time, for the sake of healing, the party will want to sit on a platform, but the second platform is both useful for mitigating some attacks and essential for avoiding others. Don’t be afraid to use the teleporters.

Final Fantasy Xiv Diamond Weapons Guide

The second phase, where Diamond Weapon sheds his armor and lands on a platform, is actually a bit of a breather. They have quite a bit of AoE (area of ​​effect) damage and knockback to deal with, but that’s honestly most of it and they’re all well telegraphed. Just keep your eyes peeled for these setbacks.

Watch out for Adamant Purge in all its variations and particularly the first with Ruby Weapon style claws. This makes a platform completely unsafe and is often mixed up with other attacks.

As far as I’m concerned, the worst attack is Diamond Shrapnel. They have little room to maneuver, and the AoEs are for that enormously. Wherever possible I would suggest that at least one of the targeted party members go to the other platform to spread this as widely as possible. However, as long as the group is split properly and you aren’t constantly being crushed by the auto attacks on the tanks, you should be able to win this fight through sheer attrition. There are few instances where a positioning mess is likely to result in a wipe.

Don’t worry either! There is no oversoul here. Once Diamond Weapon drops to 0%, the fight is indeed over.


Final Fantasy Xiv Diamond Weapon Adamant Purge 1

These large red/purple glowing claws indicate which platform will be hit by the first variant of Adamant Purge.

First phase:

diamond rain — Unavoidable raid-wide AoE.
Relentless Purge — Huge red claws will appear on one side of the diamond weapon and hit that side of the arena. Use a teleporter to jump to the other platform to avoid this.
photon burst — Both tanks are marked with a Spread AoE. You should teleport to the other platform and spread out as much as possible to minimize damage to the raid. this causes enormously Damage.
Hard Purge (2) — A line stack mark. Everyone should gear up to mitigate the damage. Called Diamond Flash in damage.
Code Chi Xi Stigma — Diamond Weapon transitions into a second, armorless form and alters its attacks.

Final Fantasy Xiv Diamond Weapon Telegraphing

The vast majority of the Diamond Weapon’s attacks are telegraphed well in advance, but you still have limited room to maneuver.

Second phase:

Auri Cyclone — A glowing blue recoil marker will appear on each platform. Stand as close as possible to avoid being knocked out of the arena.
Bane of the Airship — A platform will be marked with a huge AoE and will exit the arena after being hit. Teleport to the other platform to avoid death.
outrage – Unavoidable raid-wide AoE.
Auri Art — Tick ​​marks are displayed throughout the platform. Keep your eyes peeled: there should be a safe spot between the last two. The very last dash mark is a straight line going down one half of the platform on the safe spot side. Stand in the safe spot until the dashes stop, then immediately run to the other side of the platform to avoid the last dash.
Auri Doomstead — AoE Tankbuster. Mitigate it as needed and keep it away from everyone else.
Auri Arts (2) — A dash AoE will appear on the platform next to a huge circular AoE. Stand in one place to avoid both.
Vertical Cleavage — A recoil marker will appear on the platform. Stand as close as possible and position yourself so you don’t get knocked off the platform (usually to the sides or diagonally – positioning isn’t as tight as Auri Cyclone).
restore armor — The diamond weapon reverts to its armored form and the second platform reappears.

Second phase of the diamond weapon

Almost all Diamond Weapon attacks deal serious damage, so be ready for those heals.

First phase, round two:

All previous first phase attacks – Yes. All of them.
Diamond Chips — Two party members will be marked with the following AoEs. You have to keep running and try not to get involved with the other group members. It’s mostly possible to walk around the sides and edges of the platform they’re on, but the other platform is useful for that as well.
Articulated Bits — Several hands will appear, facing one half of the arena on each platform. Stand on the other side of the platform to avoid this. You’ll then move and attack different areas of each platform, so you’ll need to move as well to avoid both. Note that Adamant Purge is usually cast simultaneously, so you may have to teleport to the other platform to remain undamaged.
Adamant Sphere — Two meteor towers appear on each platform. A party member must stand in each one.
Hard Purge (3) — Each member of the raid will be attacked with an AoE. Spread and then heal. The damage refers to this as a homing laser.

The things to remember

Shadowbringers boss fight

Unfortunately, there’s a lot to remember, so let’s try to narrow it down. One big thing is for tanks: stay away from the party in the first and third phases. Seriously. These boss auto attacks deal a lot of damage when they hit other party members.

There are many, many AoEs, but most are fairly well telegraphed and light enough to avoid quick reactions. In a way, it’s like amplified Leviathan combat. That said absolutely Keep an eye on the boss’s occupation bar. If you see Adamant Purge coming, no matter what attack is currently on screen, be prepared to react to whatever it will unleash. Diamond Weapon loves to hurl one of the Adamant Purge variants in the middle of other attacks.

Stay calm, be ready to heal and mitigate, and deal damage whenever it’s safe, but don’t pressure yourself to blast out more DPS if it puts you at risk. From what I’ve seen, there’s no real enrage timer here, and at current item levels pretty much every Diamond Weapon attack hits difficult.

last words

diamond weapon

The small platforms, big AoEs, and regular knockbacks make this fight look a lot scarier than it actually is. It can be hectic, but most of what’s here is nothing you haven’t seen before. Honestly, the three variants of Adamant Purge are the most worrying aspects. I’ll also put out a brief mention that you may have to stand At a teleporter instead of running through it, or, uh, you could go over the edge. Not that I would have. Hm.

Still, try to stay calm and analyze where you need to be. This is definitely a fight that relies on everyone adjusting their position to mitigate incoming damage. It might take a mental gear shift, but there you have it.

Once the diamond weapon’s health drops, it will do the same, and you can complete the Sorrow of Werlyt quest line. Just get your tissues ready for some emotions. That is shadowbringerAt long last.

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