Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers — Paglth’an dungeon guide


The new dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Patch 5.5 is Paglth’an, which isn’t as hard to pronounce as it looks. This journey to the lands of Amalj’aa will plunge you into the heart of an ongoing battle where invaders fight against the natives and Lunar Bahamut leads your enemies. Despite how that sounds, it’s not an overly tricky dungeon (again, not as hard to beat as it seems to pronounce). One boss is easy enough, one is all about fighting hordes of adds (because everyone loves that), and the other is…well, that’s Lunar Bahamut.

Actually, there is not much reason to panic. All three bosses have maybe three total attacks that can trip you up, and once you’ve seen them, you’re unlikely to get caught again. Read on to find out how to end this incursion.



Critical Rift — Beagle Boys.
Lightning – All party members are affected by Lightning Rod, as are some of the lightning rods at the edge of the arena. Run to one of the unaffected Lightning Rods to transfer the debuff to them, then walk away to avoid the blast.
electrical eruption — Unavoidable AoE damage. heal through
thunder call — Pulsing orbs of lightning appear at the edge of the arena, each larger than the others. They will fire a damaging AoE roughly every two seconds.
Wide Blaster — Massive frontal cone AoE followed almost immediately by…
spiked flail — A thinner rear cone AoE. Move to Amhuluk’s side preferably to avoid both at once.

Paglth'an Dungeon Guide


Amhuluk isn’t a particularly tough opponent, although it deals a lot of damage. Once you know you need to transfer the Lightning Bolt’s debuff to a non-electrified lightning rod, you’re basically 90% through this fight. The only real difficulty arises when the attacks are mixed: the pulsating Lightning Orbs are often paired with Lightning Bolt, so careful timing and positioning is required to both remove the debuff and not be beaten. However, a hit from a Thunder Cry is preferable to Lightning Bolt’s debuff.

You can survive a Lightning Bolt (and the Electro damage debuff that follows) and Electric Burst, but it’s patchy. If you can avoid it, then do it.

Magitek Core

Magitek Core Paglth'an Dungeon Guide


As far as I can see, some of the attacks don’t have names here (unless they hit you, which I somehow managed to avoid), so I’ll make them up as I go.

Wave Cannon — Two of the three cannons on the side are charged. Go into the pillar of the cannon that isn’t glowing light blue to avoid this.
Cannon Blast — A member of the party is attacked with a significant AoE. just walk away
Ground-to-ground ballistics — Oh hey, an attack with a name! This is a massive recoil aimed at the center of the arena. Position yourself so you don’t get in the way of the Wave Cannon blast.
Rockets that are so slow that they are physically impossible because the engines don’t work that way – Missiles appear at either end of the arena, then slowly move in the direction they are facing. Position yourself in an area where you won’t run into one or it will explode and deal AoE damage.
defensive reaction — Another attack we have a name for! The Magitek core itself takes advantage of this, causing inevitable AoE – just healing from it.

Final Fantasy Xiv Page 18

These rockets travel about 2.5 cm per minute.


This is honestly an “add” fight. All you do is kill the adds while avoiding the (very telegraphed) attacks. When enough adds are killed, the Amalj’aa will destroy the Magitek Core’s shields. Hop onto the bright, blue marker to jump onto it, then deal damage before getting knocked down again and more adds spawning.

And it really is. It’s mostly add management and (for once) combat that relies quite heavily on the tank, especially when adds show up with their own AoEs. But you know the drill: kill the adds, avoid the massive and obvious AoEs, and burn down the Magitek core whenever the opportunity arises. Chances are, you might not even have one see Some of the above attacks are simply due to the adds burning off so quickly.

Lunar Bahamut

Paglth'an Dungeon Guide - Lunar Bahamut


Twisted Scream — Lunar Nails appear in the arena and deal unavoidable AoE damage. Move away from where they spawn, but keep track of which ones spawn and when (which is usually a linear, easy-to-follow pattern). They will explode shortly and you should move to a safe place.
Perigean Breath — Frontal cone AoE.
Akhmorn — It’s a dragon, so naturally Akh Morn reappears. This is a stack marker attack, so everyone needs to be in one place. Howeverthat hits four times: not split until multiple hits are triggered or someone will die.
megaflare — Target markers appear on each party member. Split up to avoid damage. Each also leaves an AoE that explodes a few seconds later. Once Megaflare hits and the AoE marker appears, move away.
Megaflare Dive — Similar to one of the final boss attacks in Anamnesis Anyder. Lunar Nails will appear on the sides of the arena, and Lunar Bahamut will prepare to dive into the center of the arena. Go to the side of the arena where the nails explode last, and once Megaflare Dive starts, head back to the center.
Kan Rhai — One (and later two) party members are marked with an AoE that explodes in every cardinal direction. You should ideally move to one side of the arena to avoid hitting the rest of the group, and then move once it starts hitting. It will strike multiple times, but after the first hit, it will stop chasing the party member.
lunar flare — The entire arena will be full of AoEs, which will gradually shrink. As they shrink you should be able to find a safe place to stand – it will likely either be on a ledge between two of them or in the dead center of the arena. Move there to avoid.
gigaflare — Very hard arena-wide AoE to punish everyone with vulnerability stacks.

lunar flare

Lunar Flare doesn’t offer many safe spots, but they’re not too difficult to spot once you’ve seen the attack once or twice.


The final boss of the Paglth’an dungeon has a lot of attacks, but it’s actually not that bad. A pale imitation of Bahamut indeed. Things like Perigean Breath and Akh Morn shouldn’t cause much trouble; You should have seen Akh Morn at least once. Likewise, many others are easy to telegraph and easy to dodge.

Lunar Nails and Lunar Flare are probably the big two to watch out for. Lunar Nails are similar to Titan’s boulders in that you just need to be aware of when they spawn and move to safe areas around them. Lunar Flare, on the other hand, is all about quickly identifying a safe location. The shortcut I found is to see if there is an AoE in the dead center of the arena. If so, the safe spot is around the edges. If not, the safe place is in the middle.

With that, Lunar Bahamut is down, the Paglth’an dungeon is free. You are ready to get more information about these mysterious towers and win the allegiance of the Amalj’aa as well.

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