Gus Stardew Valley: Gift Guide (February 2022)


Gus Stardew Valley

Our Gus Stardew Valley Gift Guide will have you befriending Pelican Town’s favorite bartender in no time!

Last updated: February 2022

Gus owns and runs the Stardrop Saloon, and you’ll see a lot of him if you’re the type who enjoys going to the town’s only dive bar to eat and mingle with the other residents. Gus will mostly be behind the bar counter in the saloon, and you can interact with him by ordering food, chatting, or giving him gifts. While most players would probably focus more on building heart levels with other characters, especially the romantic ones, it’s still worth building a friendship with Gus to unlock events and recipes.

To maximize his heart rate, you need to talk to Gus regularly and give him gifts he likes. In this Gus Stardew Valley Gifts Guide, we’ve listed the best and worst items you can give this character to unlock in-game friendship rewards!



Gus will respond to these gifts with: “You’re giving this to…me? I’m speechless.” Increases his heart level by 80.

  • Universally Loved Gifts: These are items that almost every villager will be very happy to receive. You will know the gift is “loved” when you see a heart bubble appear after giving the item.
    • Prismatic Shard
    • pearl
    • rabbit foot
    • Golden Pumpkin
    • Magic candy
  • Diamond: Can be obtained by mining or fishing for treasure chests.
  • Tropical Curry: A recipe you can learn from Ginger Island Resort
  • Fish Taco: A recipe received in the mail as a reward for reaching 7+ Heart levels with Linus
  • Escargot: A recipe received in the mail as a reward for reaching 5+ Heart levels with Willy
  • Orange: A fruit that you can harvest from orange trees in summer.

Gus will respond to these gifts with: “Oh god, are you sure?”. Increases his heart level by 45.

  • Universal Popular Gifts: Almost every villager in Pelican Town will have a positive reaction to these items. Gus, on the other hand, doesn’t like it coleslaw This is a universal popular gift.
    • All vegetables except hops, tea leaves, wheat and unmilled rice
    • All flowers except poppies
    • All gems except Prismatic Shard
    • All fruit tree fruits except mango and banana
    • All cooked dishes except Bread, Egg, Strange Bun and Seafoam Pudding
    • All artisan goods except Oil and Void Mayonnaise
    • maple syrup
    • elixir of life
  • Daffodil: A flower you can seek or harvest by planting with Spring Seeds.

You will receive one “Oh that’s cute. Thank you” Answer from Gus. Increases his heart level by 20.

  • All universal neutral gifts
    • roe
    • fried egg
    • sea ​​slug
    • truffle
    • tea leaves
    • hop
    • Sweet gem berry
    • Wool
    • wheat
    • Squid Ink
    • rainbow shell
    • shell
    • duck feather
    • coral
    • bread
  • All Milk, Eggs (except Void Egg and Dinosaur Egg, which counts as an artifact), Fruit (except Salmonberry and Tree Fruit)
  • winter root
  • Morel
  • ginger
  • leek
  • dandelion
  • chanterelle
  • hazelnut
  • common mushroom
  • Purple mushroom
  • Snow Yam
  • Magma Cap

This list from Gus Stardew Valley’s Gift Guide will make it incredibly easy for you to maximize Gus’ heart level within the first year!



Gus will respond with “No, no, no…”. This will lower his heart rate by 20.

  • Universal unpopular gifts:
    • All artifacts, building materials, sprinklers, fences, geodes and geode minerals, fishing tackle, fish, fertilizers, bombs, soil, trails and seeds
    • Mine goods other than those featured in his Liked/Loved/Neutral lists
    • cave carrot
    • oil
    • Unmilled Rice
    • wheat flour
    • empty egg
    • Solar Essence
    • vinegar
    • tea set
    • spring onion
    • oak resin
    • rice
    • Qi fruit
    • driftwood
    • pine tar
    • field snack
    • void essence
    • Jack-O-Lantern
  • salmonberry
  • Wild horseradish

You will receive one “This is absolute rubbish. I’m offended” Answer from Gus, and your heart rate will drop 40 points.

  • All Universally Hated Gifts:
    • All monster loot, trash, fossils, and bait
    • Avoid mayonnaise
    • elf dust
    • sea ​​foam pudding
    • white algae
    • torch
    • slug
    • secret note
    • seaweed
    • hay
    • iron ore
    • Energy Tonic
    • carp
    • Golden Coconut
    • sea ​​urchin
    • Warp Totems
    • sugar
    • Poppy
    • garlic oil
    • diary scrap
    • Radioactive ingot or ore
    • juice
    • treasure chest
    • Strange Bun
    • Explosive Munitions
    • flute block
    • Glass starters
    • copper ore
    • Artifact treasure trove
    • drum block
    • error element
    • crab pot
    • Qi spice
    • dragon tooth
    • torch
  • quartz
  • holly
  • Coleslaw (a notable exception to most cooked dishes that Gus generally enjoys)

If you’ve read this part of our Gus Stardew Valley Gift Guide, you’re now well-armed with what NOT to give the Pelican Town-based foodie and chef if you want to stay on his good side. Raising and maintaining your heart level will reward you with the following recipes in the post:

  • salmon dinner
  • cranberry sauce

Let’s get back to Gus’ likes and likes!


No more giving awful gifts and awkward conversations with this comprehensive Gus Stardew Valley Gift Guide! Keep his list of likes/loves and dislikes/hates in mind and you’ll be sailing smoothly from there. If you want to read more Stardew Valley gifting and friendship guides, check out the rest of our articles on the game. You can also visit the Official Stardew Valley website or her Steam page.

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