How to play the message at a Guardian Outpost in Fortnite


Not long after the launch of Fortnite season 6Spire Quests have been added to the game. These challenges allow you to play through part of the narrative and win a ton of XP along the way. The first set of Spire Quests in Fourteen days started with the NPC Tarana wanting to find out who the thief was. Since finding out it was Raz, his line of quests has opened up. It now appears that Raz is the main focus of the new Spire Quests.

After the last 16.20 update, there is another set of Spire quests that you need to complete. These will definitely be worth it due to the amount of XP on offer. The first Spire quest asks you to find and play a Spire Message at the Guardian Outposts scattered around the map Fourteen days.

How to play the message in a Guardian outpost

This quest is relatively easy, and once you know where to look, you’ll have it completed in a very short amount of time. All you have to do is visit any of the six Guardian Outposts located around the map. It also doesn’t matter which Guardian Outpost you choose to visit. All locations play the same message. Once you get to the top of an outpost, you will see a transparent object. Interacting with the object marks the challenge as complete.

Upon completion, you will receive a total of 15,000 XP for your efforts. This should give your Battle Pass a good boost and allow for faster progression. So keep this challenge in mind as you step into your next game.

Playing the Spire message at a Sentinel Outpost is the first challenge of the new one Fourteen days quest line. That means you have many more Spire Quests to complete. stay tuned for more Fourteen days Spire Quest Guide.

Fortnite message at Guardian Outpost

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