IncGamers’ Alternative Awards of 2013


It’s an annual tradition here at IncGamers to host a few Alternative Awards. Last year we stuck to games that we would still generally recommend as “good” and awarded several prestigious trophies including “Best Secret Rerelease of Dungeon Master” and “Best Homicide Tramp Tutorial”.

This year we expanded the network. The 2013 Alternative Awards were given to the most overlooked, offbeat, and just plain stupid gaming moments of the year. It’s our way of celebrating and highlighting some of the things that standard “best of” or rigid genre lists can’t really address, and finding closure in certain pathetic cases.

Don’t take every title mentioned here as a recommendation. A few of them are terrible. All are prized.

Best Game We Completely Forgot When Compiling Readers’ Awards Lists: card hunter

Card Hunter Achievement

Tim: I’m glad we’re starting this because I’m an idiot. Despite the fact that I’ve been talking about it all year, despite having a gigantic interview with the developers of Blue Manchu, and even though it’s distracted me from work far too often all year, card hunter completely slipped my mind when we compiled the list for our readers’ prize. Blue Manchu, I sincerely apologize. Luckily, not all readers made the same mistake I did – it received a number of written votes in the free-to-play category, and it totally deserved them. Damn it deserves more. So, one last time: in case you haven’t played card hunter, visit the official website and sign up. It’s a near-pristine piece of game design, and it’s completely free.

Best game Tim (wrongly) thought he’d forgotten by now: DMC Devil May Cry

DMC Devil May Cry 6

Tim: I’m way too lazy to actually go back and look at the review in question, but I remember writing something about how DMC Devil May Cry wasn’t the kind of game most likely to garner Game of the Year nominations, but it’s nonetheless a solid, enjoyable hack-and-slasher that’s probably better than it should be. Although I wrote this (or something similar), it was pretty close to shortlisting my custom picks, and I recently reinstalled it because I really want to dig through again. I stand by what I said – it’s not an exceptional game to be praised and cherished through the ages civilization and demise. However, that hardly matters. It’s very, very good at what it does, and it’s “fun bashing demons in the most stylish way you can handle”. It’s unashamedly a popcorn game, but it’s a really damn good one.

Best Game They Named Twice For Some Reason: DMC Devil May Cry

Peter: To be clear, I’ve never played before DMC Devil May Cry. This award is purely based on the fact that I still think it’s hilarious, Ninja Theory is the name of the game The devil can cry The devil can cry.

Tim: I look forward to the inevitable resident Evil reboot, RE: Resident Evil. Which makes it sound like an email. A scary email.

The most worthy attempt to infuse football with Molyneux: gentlemen of football

Lords of Football Super Training 8

Tim: I accept this category. I can only hope that this will encourage developers to bring Molyneux to other genres as well.

Peter: For sure, football manager is great for the more butt-faced aspects of the sport. Choosing teams, dealing with agents, learning what the heck a false nine is and so on. But what if you want to see players stumbling through hoop-based training drills and getting too fat to play properly because they’ve binged on booze and chocolate fountains? Well, for that you need gentlemen of football. A bizarre and not entirely successful attempt to mix the majestic joys of football with some of Peter Molyneux’s ‘little ones’ sims-like people going about their business in strange ways” title (The Movies, Amusement Park), gentlemen of football is nonetheless quite unlike any other football title out there. For that, it deserves at least some credit.

Best game Tim didn’t make his list despite talking about it for years:spelunky


Tim: I’ve had a hell of a long time deciding on a shortlist for my picks and spelunky was one of many who didn’t make it. This will likely surprise longtime website readers and podcast listeners, because spelunky is a game I adore… oh, forever. I probably mentioned it at some point when the free PC version was released in 2009. I definitely mentioned it when the Xbox version was released in mid-2012. I am secure I talked about how much I was looking forward to it spelunky‘s HD re-release on PC, which took place earlier this year. Aaaand then we didn’t check it out and I didn’t put it on my list. I didn’t want to review it – I have enough history with the damn game to write school books about it – and since we never got a review code, Peter couldn’t do it. Why it didn’t make my list…well, I’ve played the game Death in the last couple of years, so the PC re-release is something I haven’t spent a lot of time on compared to everything else I’ve picked out. So I didn’t feel comfortable pointing that out in the face of such stiff competition. Still, it’s extraordinary. We hope this makes up for this omission somewhat.

Worst game that still provided unintended hilarity: star trek

Star Trek 2

Tim: Besides, I don’t think I’ve played a worse game this year than Namco’s star trek include At its absolute brightest it was bland and generic, and at its worst (which it was most of the time) it was a hodgepodge of broken and unfinished mechanics, areas and ideas, with an AI that couldn’t be trusted in a bowl Cereal without setting the house on fire. It’s so bad that Peter and I had a brief discussion about whether it is or the notoriously horrible Aliens: Colonial Marines was a worse game and a worse use of an excellent license. The plus side? It gave me the opportunity to make this video.

Best Game Peter Will (Probably) Never Understand: gentlemen 4

gentlemen 4

Peter: Oh, gentlemen 4. The verification code for this came back in October while I was on holiday in the UK. In theory, that should have been perfect. It ran on the non-gaming laptop I had with me, filling in the time between forays into the land of my birth. Except Football manager 2014 came around the same time, had a much more pressing appointment and was also working on the laptop. keyword gentlemen 4 Being pushed back indefinitely and the likelihood that I’ll ever grapple with its fearsome array of options diminishes with the pace. It’s (probably) a great strategy game. People swear by it (and predecessors Gentlemen 3) in multiplayer mode. But unless I magically get a free week off in the near future, I’ll probably never find out if it’s better to bring blood magic-backed spider cavalry to the front lines, or opt for late Mermen and Voodoo instead . I pretty much made that sentence up, but I have no doubt gentlemen 4 would find a way to make this possible. It’s that kind of game.

Weakest Attempt to Prevent War Crimes: Sniper Ghost Warrior 2

Sniper Spirit Warrior2 (12)

Peter: Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 is a game about blowing people’s heads off from as far away as possible. Well… that’s not entirely true, it’s also about following AI snipers and letting them tell you there’s something you want to do all the time. The point is, they usually tell you to blow people’s heads off. Except when it comes to preventing actual war crimes. spirit warrior 2 thinks it’s okay to convict and execute every single mercenary you come across, even if they just took that job patrolling the drug smuggler’s compound for a simple paycheck. But if it takes you back in time to 1990s Sarajevo, then you’re the only person are not may kill the fellow is about to fill in a mass grave in front of your eyes. Instead, you’re supposed to snap some holiday snaps and uncover his crimes so someone else can… kill him later? Inevitably, everything goes wrong, and the plan to expose the war criminal goes out the window. Guess what? Eventually you end up shooting him in the head.

Game most likely to comply with the Geneva Convention: arma 3

arma 3

Peter:arma 3, AKA the game that confirmed I was guilty of attempted war crimes. When we recorded our first IncGamers plays session with the arma 3 In beta the game was still a bit buggy. Taking off parts of your uniform would work fine, but replacing it was far more gambling, leading to the IncGamers crew running around an island in their pants. When we came across the body of an enemy soldier, I had a bright idea to steal his uniform to wear as a disguise (after all, the objective wanted us to escape undetected). It didn’t work, and we assumed it was an extension of the “dress-up” bug we’d already encountered. In fact, wearing the uniforms of enemy combatants is against the rules of the Geneva Convention. arma 3 was not bugged at all, it was just trying to save me from myself and avoid a costly court case in The Hague.

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