Is Bethesda doing enough to generate excitement and interest about Starfield?


starfield is the latest open-world role-playing game from Bethesda Game Studios. It’s a game that, on paper, should give people plenty of reasons to get excited about it. starfield is Bethesda’s first original IP in 25 years, set in a new sci-fi universe and powered by a new engine. Despite all of this, enthusiasm among players seems mixed at best. That could be down to the questionable quality of Bethesda’s latest game releases, or a perceived oversaturation with open-world RPGs in recent years. For one reason or another starfield isn’t setting the gaming world on fire just yet, and Bethesda needs to show more to keep players interested.

Show, don’t say

The simplest explanation is one that will hopefully be fixed this summer: it’s hard to get excited about a game, especially a new IP starfield, without seeing gameplay footage. The first teaser trailer in 2018 was little more than a reveal of the logo and setting. Last year’s in-game teaser looked better but still didn’t show actual gameplay. Unless a new game is the sequel to a popular hit or an enticing prospect based on the studio’s established pedigree, a developer needs to give players tangible reasons to be excited. That was probably not the case for starfield‘s marketing so far.

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To Bethesda’s credit, the studio provided drip feeds of starfield Information on the official website. The concept art for various locations in the game looks promising, and developer discussions about factions, quests, dialogue and music show a lot of potential. For many, however, this information is too distant to come across naturally. It is likely that only players who are fans of Bethesda’s games will actively seek out these updates. The wider gaming audience needs to see the gameplay before they can form an opinion. Without seeing the potential of what could be done starfield tempting, it could even be seen as a roadblock between players and the next Stand out or Elder Scrolls Game.

Bethesda’s recent history has not been flawless

For players familiar with Bethesda games, there’s another problem. In fact, the studio’s recent games have received a mixed reception from critical gaming outlets and the fans themselves. Fallout 76 was an absolute disaster at launch, and while the game is in a much better state now, the first impression was devastating. Let’s go back a little further failure 4 was well received, but some players still felt it was a less groundbreaking game than its beloved predecessors.

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Some of the issues with these games can be explained by design decisions such as: B. the choice to be made Fallout 76 an online multiplayer-focused experience. The fans have also become less and less patient with the common bugs and glitches that are present in these games. Bethesda games have always been known to have their fair share of bugs. But when these bugs were coupled with the other criticisms, it might have been a step too far for even the most die-hard Bethesda fan. Thank God, starfield will likely be a technical leap forward as it is the first Bethesda game to run on the new Creation Engine 2. Showing more of the game would certainly help demonstrate the new tech improvements starfield might have.

Oversaturation can be a problem

Simply put, the gaming landscape has had no shortage of open-world RPGs in recent years. That alone would not be a problem. However, the questionable quality of some of these games and the similarities between them have been contentious topics of conversation in gaming communities. An example of this is players who fret over overly large and cluttered maps in these games.

That’s one of the reasons why a game like elden ring made such waves in the gaming community. By getting rid of many common traits of open-world RPGs, elden ring conveys a sense of freedom that other recent games in the genre have lacked. Bethesda’s legacy titles also achieved this effect, but until the last well-received Bethesda RPG, there were many releases in this genre.

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Looking back at current games in the genre makes it easier to understand why gamers are only cautiously optimistic about a game like this starfield. The errors and content issues of Fallout 76 and the disappointing start of Cyberpunk 2077 are just two examples of open-world role-playing games that have been failing players lately. Elsewhere, some players have felt like new Assassin’s Creed Games have gotten way too big and overwhelming. Bethesda fans are probably longing for a brand new game like starfield. But given the studio’s recent track record, as well as some other disappointing games in the genre, it’s understandable that they’re concerned about this.

There are reasons to be interested and excited starfieldbut Bethesda needs to demonstrate them in action before players can go from cautiously optimistic to genuinely excited.

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