Oddworld: Soulstorm Mudokon guide — Phat Station, Hijack, and Old Trellis


After venturing out of Sorrow Valley, Abe will eventually reach Phat Station. From there he must hijack a train to reach the old grid. Here’s our guide to help you with that Oddworld: Soul StormThe next levels of : Phat Station (level 6), The Hijack (level 7) and Reunion At Old Trellis (level 8).

Note: For more information on all levels and Mudokons, see our Oddworld: Soul Storm Guides and Features Hub.

Oddworld: Soul Storm Mudokon Location Guide – Phat Station (Level 6), The Hijack (Level 7), and Old Trellis (Level 8)

As we will be tackling multiple Mudokon locations on multiple levels Oddworld: Soul Stormrefer to the following pages for the parts you need help with:

Oddworld Soulstorm Mudokon Locations Guide Rescue Mudokons Phat Station Level 6 The Hijack Level 7 Old Trellis Level 8 1a

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