Seriously though, how likely is GTA V on PC?



Tim McDonald: Assuming you’re from this planet and you see the outside world more than once a year, you might have heard something about what a little game is called Grand Theft Auto V has just appeared. Was just published on consolesthat is because Rockstar still hasn’t announced the PC version, which will obviously be vastly superior.

We had our fun, but maybe it’s time we got serious about it. is GTA5 will appear on PC? Why? When? As? WHO? From where? I’m fairly certain it will come out for a variety of reasons, which we’ll no doubt get into in a moment, but since I’m not writing this alone, Mr. Peter Parrish, what do you think?


Franklin is on the lookout for more clues about GTA5 on PC.

Peter Parish: What is a Grand Theft Auto? Is this the thing that’s responsible for all the gun violence in America?

Tim: I thought I told you FOX News is bad for you?

Peter: There was almost no news about foxes on this channel, it’s a shame. However, we run the risk of making this an awfully short article if I just say, “Yeah, I think there is GTA5 on the way to PC,” so let’s expand on that a bit. Ahead of release day, there were the usual rumors about retailers (both online and offline) listing the game for PC. That doesn’t tell us much either way as it could be due to wildcards or vendor errors, but it’s something to add to the big PC bag GTA5 circumstantial.

In July, Rockstar itself issued a typically vague statement in an FAQ, stating, “We have nothing to share at this time on the possibility of a next-gen release or PC platform.” This was classic PR misdirection; neither a rejection nor a confirmation. Nobody gets excited and nobody gets too pissed off.

About a week later, more specific news broke that the developer was looking for a “talented graphics programmer to bring our latest titles to the PC platform.” It’s probably safe to say they weren’t talking about Rockstar Table Tennis there. Max Payne 3 is already on the PC, and Red Dead Redemption is probably hopeless at this point. So that leaves… yes, GTA5.

Then, in August, an Nvidia exec casually mentioned the title while scrolling down a list of games that PC gamers are dying to build new PCs for. That’s maybe a weaker clue than the job posting, because this guy also thought PC gamers would be super excited Call of Duty Ghosts and Assassin’s Creed IV rather than some platform exclusive stuff like Rome 2. Mind you, it may be instructive that he chose other multi-platform games alongside GTA5.

gtav (2)

Michael, are you trying to tell us something? Is the PC version trapped in a mineshaft?

That brings us to September’s release, which gave people a chance to delve into the guts of the actual game itself. The included Xbox 360 files various references to a PC build, as well as the little things in the free iFruit companion app. Of all the evidence, I would say these two are the most immediately convincing. At least they hint that a PC version is in the works Sometimeeven if it turns out Rockstar decided they hate money and gave it up.

But there’s actually a historical pattern we can look at as well, isn’t there, Tim?

Tim: That was incredibly long. I’m not going to yell at you about it to much, because I will probably do the same here.

Yes, that’s basically what Rockstar did for everyone GTA since 3. I’m having a hard time digging up the current one facts behind but since GTA3, the PC version was always released after the console version. Since vice cityI am pretty sure every PC version was only announced after a console version was released.

As proof I present you the list of US release dates for GTA games off GTA3 and higher as listed on GTA Wikia.

GTA3 PS2 – October 22, 2001
GTA3 PC – May 20, 2002
GTA:VC PS2 – October 27, 2002
GTA:VC PC – May 12, 2003
GTA:SA PS2 – October 26, 2004
GTA:SA PC – June 7, 2005
GTA4 PS3/360 – April 29, 2008
GTA4 PC – December 2, 2008

GTAV (5)

Rockstar puts the police on Trevor for talking about a PC release.

If that wasn’t boring enough: Here are a few more numbers! That means the release difference between the console and PC versions was as follows…

GTA3 – 210 days (6 months, 28 days)
GTA:VC – 197 days (6 months, 15 days)
GTA:SA – 224 days (7 months, 12 days)
GTA4 – 217 days (7 months, 3 days)

That’s assuming I’ve worked this out properly anyway. I may have screwed up with leap years. THIS IS NOT SCIENCE; IT IS AN ART.

Nevertheless: application maths this means that the average difference in release date is 212 days. If we apply now more math and add that average to the September 17, 2013 console version and we get… April 17, 2014. That’s a Thursday, so we’re moving that to a Tuesday and guessing either April 15 or 22, 2014.

Tim: So yeah, if history points to the future, we’re pretty much in the middle of Rockstar’s evil conspiracy to trick PC users into buying it twice. It’s also worth noting that Rockstar has never failed to release a main series GTA game on pc (Vice City Stories and the like don’t really count); the only really big game that ever skipped the PC was Red Dead Redemption, and rumor has it that the code is such a mess it just wasn’t viable. I think we can assume GTA5 won’t have the same problem.

So in summary – there are indications that Rockstar is working (or at least has been working on) a PC version of . GTA5, and the fact that it hasn’t been announced yet isn’t unusual. If this version follows previous trends, we can expect to have it in our hot little PC hands sometime in April/May 2014.

GTAV (1)

Bridging the gap between release dates.

Peter: Ooh, get your data and your numbers. You’re like the David Starkey of video games.

Tim: This comes from the war criminal of gaming journalism.

Peter: I only commit video game war crimes in the name of freedom, so it’s okay.

Sorry… that might not have been helpful. That won’t be too helpful either, but it has to be asked: What if we get a port but it turns out to be a bit of shit? It’s happened before. It could easily happen again.

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