Some AMD AM5 motherboards reportedly won’t support DDR4 memory


Rumors are circulating that AMD’s AM5 platform for next-gen Ryzen CPUs will only support DDR5 memory. This message came from Tom’s Hardware who contacted several sources that supported this. As always, be reasonably skeptical of such things until we see confirmation from AMD or other board manufacturers.

If that’s the case, upgrading to Ryzen 7000-series CPUs could be more expensive (unless memory prices skyrocket like graphics cards do in the next few months). On the performance side, however, this could have some potential benefits. Overall, it’s not surprising to hear that AMD may want to focus on using DDR5 memory for its AM5 platform. After all, Intel has already made the leap with Alder Lake.

Next from DDR4 memory

The motherboards in question are the X670 and B650, with the above sources allegedly confirming that these will support AMD’s AM5 platform and will use DDR5 memory exclusively. This would effectively boost the process of sending DDR4 memory to the curb. However, this can lead to more cost issues than anyone really cares to address.

DDR5 memory is still very expensive, often twice the price of most DDR4 kits. Admittedly, most of the inflated prices are due to the chip shortage that has been affecting every corner of the tech scene since the pandemic began. But DDR5 memory is also generally more expensive to manufacture due to the built-in power management and other features.

The advice was to stick with DDR4 as it’s so much cheaper and doesn’t offer a massive performance hit. However, that shouldn’t be the case for much longer.

AMD AM5 DDR5 memory RAM DRAM Ryzen 7000 series CPU

(Image credit: AMD).

The decision to move to DDR5 makes sense from a performance perspective. AMD would be able to fully optimize its next-gen processors for DDR5 memory and improve performance across the board. Considering how Ryzen CPUs benefit from fast memory, this could make DDR5 a much more enticing upgrade.

There is also a possibility that some motherboards may still support DDR4 memory in the future. However, this is only true if AMD’s AM5 platform supports both DDR4 and DDR5 memory. Either way, it’s clear that manufacturers want to move away from DDR4 sooner rather than later. The hope now is that the prices for DDR5 memory will continue to fall. AMD has a busy year ahead, especially with the rumored announcement of RDNA 3 in September.

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